Weather in Greece in August

Is August a good time to visit Greece?

August is one of the most popular times to visit Greece. The islands are buzzing with holidaymakers and beachgoers, there are numerous summer festivals on the go and the weather is sizzling hot. There is a price to pay for all this activity though, and usually it comes in the form of a slightly higher accommodation bill. Room rates in Greece in August are quite expensive and many accommodation options are booked up well in advance. Visitors wishing to explore Greece during this time are well advised to go off the beaten track or to some of the remoter islands as these tend to be less busy and it is easer to find accommodation without reserving a holiday package in advance.


Climate in Greece in August

The weather in Greece in August is hot and dry, particularly in the islands and other parts of Greece that experience a Mediterranean climate. Temperatures throughout Greece during this period are particularly warm, with the notable exception of the areas with higher altitudes. The sea is balmy and warm during August and the average sea temperature peaks at 25°C (77°F) making it perfect for swimming and watersports. Rainfall remains low during August and there is an average of twelve hours of sunshine per day. Summer temperatures throughout Greece in August range between 21 and 29°C (20 to 84°F).


What’s on in Greece in August

The Athens Festival is one of the key events in Greece in August. The festival takes place at the Herod Atticus Odeon, which is almost 2000 years old. The festival gives visitors the chance to enjoy various performances such as opera, drama, music and dance. For a festival of lights with fireworks, dancing, and boats Paros Island is the place to be on August 15, which is a national holiday throughout Greece, for the Paros Parikia Festival. August 6 and August 29 are also important religious days in the Greek Orthodox Church. The former is Metamorfosi, the day of the transfiguration of Christ. While the latter is commemorates the beheading of St. John the Baptist. Both days are cause for celebration in the Orthodox faith.


What to pack for a holiday in Greece in August

August is a peak summer month in Greece. Temperatures are high and the holiday season is in full swing. Tourists going on holiday in Greece in August should pack lightly; a few summer clothes are all you need. Cool clothes are vital, particularly when visiting some of the hotter areas and even Athens. The beaches demand beachwear, such as bikinis and sunglasses, while a large-brimmed sun hat wont go amiss. Other items needed for a holiday in Greece in August include open shoes such as flip-flops or sandals, strappy tops, suncream, shorts, t-shirts and skirts.