Weather in Lanzarote in June

Is June a good time to visit Lanzarote?

The weather grows warmer in Lanzarote during June, as this clement Canary Island prepares for the onslaught of its summer peak season. With 10 hours of sunshine every day and the almost total absence of rain, Lanzarote is a holiday-maker’s dream destination, particularly in this pleasant month before the summer crowds arrive and temperatures reach their peak.


Climate in Lanzarote in June

The maximum temperature in Lanzarote in June reaches the 26°C (78.8°F), and often a few degrees higher on the southern coast, as high summer takes hold on the island. The sun reigns supreme every day, although there may be some early morning cloud cover which burns off usually before visitors have emerged, having slept off their night-time revels. The threat of rain is non-existent, with the weather pundits charting an average one day of rain – no doubt just to cover the bases! One of the signs that summer has arrived on Lanzarote is the steady increase in night-time temperatures, which remain cool but are pleasant enough for al fresco dining at around 19°C (66.2F) average for the month.


What’s on in Lanzarote in June

Lanzarote welcomes the summer solstice with beach parties, fireworks and bonfires across the island, while runners descend on the resorts for a rather unique 21km run through the Lanzarote wine district of La Geria, which is accompanied by plenty of wine tasting. Lanzarote also hosts one of the events in the World Championship Windsurfing contest at Costa Teguise during June.


What to pack for a holiday in Lanzarote in June               

Thongs and sarongs are the order of the day on Lanzarote in June, with shorts and t-shirts for going out and about. Sun protection is vital as the UV rays beat down. Evenings may require a cardigan or wrap, as the temperature drops appreciably as the sun goes down.