Weather in London in May

As May arrives in London it is apparent that spring has well and truly sprung: the flowers are in bloom, and the city bustles with the onset of the tourist season, most attractions refurbished with their doors thrown open to welcome visitors. Locals have time to enjoy leisure in London during May too, for there are two long weekends – May Day Bank holiday which falls on the first Monday in May, and Spring Bank Holiday (Whitsun) on the last Monday of the month. Not surprisingly in England this is known as the “Merry Month of May”.


Climate in London in May

The sun puts in an appearance for an average of up to six hours a day during May in London – this doesn’t necessarily mean blue skies all the time, but the fact that the sun is there, occasionally breaking through the clouds, brightens up the city and ensures average high temperatures of 19°C. Spring blossom is helped along by an average of 12 wet days for the month – usually coming in the form of soft, soaking showers which clear as quickly as they arrive.


What’s on in London in May

One of London’s greatest annual events is the Chelsea Flower Show, held towards the end of May in the grounds of the Royal Hospital, which draws gardeners from all over the world. Being spring-time there is a long list of outdoor festivals and fairs on offer in May to add to the thousands of shows, gigs, theatrical performances, attractions, exhibitions and experiences that fill the London calendar all year round. May also marks the end of the football season in England, culminating in the holy grail of matches for “footie” fans – the FA Cup Final, held at Wembley each year around the middle of the month.


What to pack for a holiday in London in May

T-shirts and jeans, with a light jumper, should see you through quite comfortably during May in London, but be prepared for those notorious rainy days and take along an umbrella and waterproof jacket.