Weather in Mallorca in September

Is September a good time to visit Mallorca?

September is the end of summer in Mallorca, but it’s still a great time to visit this Spanish island. The weather in Mallorca during September is still quite warm and the water temperatures are perfect for swimming and water sports. As it is near the end of summer and peak season is coming to a close, September is the perfect time to look for cheap flights to Mallorca. The warm weather and low chance of rain make September a great time to fly to Palma and enjoy Mallorca’s hospitality.


Climate in Mallorca in September

The climate in Mallorca is what you would expect of a Mediterranean island toward the end of summer. Temperatures are still high and the island doesn’t experience too much rain during September. Early September in Mallorca is a lot hotter than late September when the weather begins to change and the winter rains start to make an appearance. Average temperatures in Palma during September range between 20 and 27°C (68 to 81°F). Sea temperatures are nice and warm with a monthly average of 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit).  Most precipitation takes place at the end of September in Mallorca and visitors to the island can expect roughly seven and a half hours of sunshine each day.


What’s on in Mallorca in September

September is harvest time and most of the events in Mallorca during this month focus on this theme. Festo del Melo a festival in Mallorca celebrating the watermelon harvest. The grape harvest is celebrated on the final Sunday of September during the Festa des Vermar. Two events in Mallorca at the beginning of September are the Processio de la Beata and Diada de Catylunya. The Processio de la Beata is held on the first Sunday of September in Santa Margalida in Mallorca, floats and fancy dress are the norm. September 11 is Diada Catylunya, a national holiday throughout Spain.


What to pack for a holiday in Mallorca in September

Visitors travelling to Mallorca in September can expect lots of sunny days. Key items to pack include summer clothes, sunglasses and beachwear. A light cardigan or shawl might be useful, particularly for those travelling to Mallorca at the end of September. Another useful item for the end of the month is a light raincoat as the end of September brings the beginning of the rainy season in Mallorca.