Weather in Tunisia in February

Is February a good month to visit Tunisia?

Travellers often assume that because Tunisia is in Africa, bordering on the Sahara desert, the weather is always hot. This is not so, and definitely not in February, its coldest month, when the Mediterranean coastal resort towns like Hammamet are mild to cool during the day, fairly wet and damp, and can be freezing at night. Despite the winter rainfall, there is still plenty of sunshine during February in Tunisia inbetween the rainy days. The rain is unpredictable, and there could be long stretches of sunny days to enjoy the pool terrace and sandy beaches in moderate temperatures.


Climate in Tunisia in February

The northern part of Tunisia, on the Mediterranean coast, is wet and cool during February, with a maximum average temperature of 16°C (60.8°F) and a minimum of 12°C (53.6°F) – although the minimum average does not reflect the fact that it can sometimes be below freezing during the night.

The average rainfall for Tunisia in February is 47mm, spread across an average of 10 wet days. Once again the statistics don’t tell the full story, because the rain is unpredictable and could well fall all at once during a day, or come in short showers through a week! One thing that is guaranteed is that the sun shines most of the time even during the middle of winter in Tunisia, which has a mean of seven hours of sun a day during the month.


What to do in Tunisia in February

The cool winter weather in Tunisia in February is ideal for sight-seeing, and there are plenty of interesting excursions to be had, from the Roman ruins of Carthage to the set of the Star Wars movies. It’s also perfect for long walks, shopping in the magical bazaars, or relaxing on a sunbed with a good book!


What to pack for a holiday in Tunisia in February

You will need a raincoat for a visit to Tunisia in February,  jeans, t-shirts and a sweater or two. You could find some days warm enough for a swimsuit (not necessarily to swim in because the water is rather chilly), and sunglasses, sunscreen and sun-hat are a requirement any time of year.