Weather in Turkey in October

Is October a good time to visit Turkey?

Many visitors to Turkey claim that anytime is a good time to go to Turkey. However, the peak summer months from June to August see loads of holidaymakers visiting the country, which increases accommodation prices and can detract from the perfect trip to Turkey. Autumn is the perfect time to visit Turkey. The cool crisp weather in the interior regions is refreshing, while those after a beach holiday can head to the southern Mediterranean coast for some fun in the sun. Istanbul is particularly beautiful in October, with cool weather and lovely autumn days. Visitors will also find that there are often cheap flights to Turkey in October. Accommodation specials are also easier to find during the autumn period.


Climate in Turkey in October

October weather in Turkey is largely dependent upon the various regional climates. Much of Turkey gets at least some rainfall during October. Visitors to Istanbul should expect about eleven days of precipitation in October, but the average temperature remains a mild 13 to 19°C (55 to 66°F). Sea temperatures in Istanbul in October drop to an average of 19°C (66°F). Mediterranean areas from Izmir all the way down to Antalya experience sea temperatures of 20 to 24°C (68 to 77°F). The average temperature along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast ranges from 12 to 26°C (54 to 79°F). There’s still plenty of sun during October in Turkey, with most areas getting more than eight hours of sunshine per day. The interior regions of the country tend to cool down quite considerably in October. Ankara steppe climate means that the average temperature in October is 3 to 18°C (37 to 64°F).


What’s on in Turkey in October

The annual International Bodrum Cup in Istanbul sees nautical enthusiasts fill the coastal city of Bodrum for this yacht regatta. This race marks the end of the boating season in Turkey as the weather starts to turn and winter is imminent. Another significant event in Turkey usually in October is Contemporary Istanbul, but visitors should note that this event is sometimes moved to November s it is best to check ahead of time. This festival celebrates contemporary artists from across Turkey, who rush to Istanbul to exhibit their latest pieces. Art-lovers can enjoy various art forms ranging from performance art to sculpture, paintings, crafts and other creations. Most of the artworks are available to purchase – the perfect way to remember a holiday in Turkey for years to come.


What to pack for a holiday in Turkey in October

October is a cooler month so visitors should pack a few warm items of clothing and a couple of cool items for the warm days. Visitors to the central regions should pack for the Turkey’s colder climate, while visitors heading for the coast can expect to spend some of their time in beach clothes. Packing, and wearing, clothing in layers is the best way to deal with weather that can sometimes change quite quickly throughout the day. Mornings may be crisp, but as the day progresses you’ll want to peal off a few layers and bask in the autumn sun. Pack items such as shorts, t-shirts, pants, a light raincoat, shoes that will dry quickly, one or two light jerseys and a thin long-sleeved undershirt and you ought to be well-equipped for a fun-filled holiday in Turkey.